EMpowerment Network


The most precious material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold or even useful or even the most valuable thing in the earth realm is in fact the mind. The human mind consist of the most powerful elements that create access to whatever dimension or life that you desire to experience. The reality is there is a negative energy that fights the creativity of our thinking. This energy desires to sift our thinking and powerful creativity like wheat. It drives our positivity and converts and perverts our productivity altering the truth by way of our perceptions and emotions. To utilize a point of reference in Gen. 3, we find a serpent who is very subtle. In fact it describes this creature as being MORE subtle than any other creature created. The word subtle means crafty, sensible, prudent, wise and cunning. It speaks metaphorically that there is a system in place that has wisdom and a cunningness beyond any other evolved creature or systematic formation. It also displays within the text that this “system” had a
target, the woman. The woman in the Hebrew speaks of the, Ishshah Nashiym, which intel’s the emotional sense of man. Gen 1:27, displays that God created man in His image and in the image of God, He created BOTH male and female. So, before the separation in Gen.2:21,22, they were ONE flesh. This was also the intent of God taking her out of him and yet presenting her to him; that they remain ONE flesh. So in chapter 3, where this systematic entity comes to deceive. He is targeting the feminine side of him which is interpreted the emotional side, so that he can cause this ONE flesh to be divided; only to strip the piece that brings strength and connection.

This brings us to current day. The systems which were created by God with a purpose to develop our keenness to righteousness has ultimately been perverted. This has created a cycle to continue to pervert mankind. It has attacked out emotional connectivity and caused us to more emotional and “feeling” driven than being propelled by truth and secured by certainty. This cycle has infected and affected our families, communities, government, education etc. A “house” divided within itself cannot stand. So as we have been detoured from truth within our emotions, our structures of living has suffered.

EM-Power Network has the assignment and purpose to bring ONENESS back to the individual as well as the legislative system, by bringing unity between what we feel and that which we know. The intent of EM-Power is to “enhancemental power”. We understand that themind is in fact the soul(desire, will, character), spirit( heart, emotions, affections) and intellect( understanding, comprehension), of the human body and the world we live in. To enhance the mental power is to bring unity in operation to all three areas of the mind as well as reconnect themind to its original purpose which is to create a sound and balanced environment for living and life.

There is definitely a powerful negative engagement going on within the body and its sole purpose to defeat the mind and even more the “mentality” of the body which is known as leadership. EM-Power leadership is geared towards developing leadership globally. We desire to EM-Power the existence of leadership so that the attacks against mental facilities will not destroy the existence of man but yet transform him by the renewing of the thought process. We must remind individuals that you are redeemed, whole, healthy, wealthy, and secure by utilizing the God mind and not our socially influenced mind.

Our intent is to inforce the laws of thinking that produce healthy living. As I have been taught by Dr. Cindy Trimm, (The Rules of Engagement). It is our mission to INLUENCE the worlds parishioners that will ultimately influence the worlds systems. Secondly, wemust IMPACT our social, political, economic,  educational, family and cultural systems which change the course of our existence and influence our primary living. Thirdly, our assignment is INFILTRATE the minds, which are clouded by lies and deceptive misunderstandings. We do this by teaching the spiritual laws which influence positive living.

Lastly, wemust learn and teach individuals how to IMPLEMENT and establish the behaviors, characteristics and directives of our Fathers kingdom which is a heavenly present and structure. This structure will empower the leaders of today and bring them into powerful influence for tomorrow.

WeMUST come back to the image of the creator which brings us to creating the image of God within the earth realm. We must cultivate a true, honest, just, pure, loving and positive environment which cultivates a virtuous generation that will speak of the character our loving God. This is ourmission, this is our vision, this is our purpose, this WILL be our existence.